Monthly Archives: March 2014

Tender Concerns


At the latest meeting of the Chamber executive, President Mark Hanlon said he had been approached by several business people concerned with the tender process for work on the Solomontown Beach Plaza project with little being awarded to local trades people or suppliers.

In response, Port Pirie regional Council CEO, Dr Andrew Johnson, said the normal procedure in relation to tenders was used for the project and for a number of reasons was given to an Adelaide firm.

“ The work for the project was placed on “Tenders SA” and any business which is registered with “Tenders SA” can put in a tender,” Dr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson added that the public only tends to hear about tenders which are let to outside organisations and that local businesses have won many tenders and within reason are given priority.

As a result Mr Hanlon is urging any interested parties to make sure they are registered with “Tenders SA” so that they are aware of all future projects which they may wish to tender for.