Monthly Archives: May 2015

Results of April Meeting

Eleven members of the executive attended the April meeting.

The executive holds meetings on the last Friday of each month, unless there is some reason to change. If any member has anything specific they would like to discuss please contact secretary Ken or president Mark and they will either ask you to come to a meeting or bring forward anything you wish discussed. Members must feel they are part of the Chamber and we welcome your input.

On membership, the executive again discussed the issue and we do need to expand our base. So if you as a member, can sign up a new one, it would be great. Or if anyone shows any interest direct them to the president or secretary.

The Chamber will have a presence at this year’s Smelters Picnic. Members voted to have a marquee at the event and the executive will be available to handle any queries or sign up new members.

The executive is also concerned about the state of the fence at the front of Viterra. Mark Sheasby is speaking with management, which is being very co-operative in the matter. Several ideas for promotion at the site will be announced following discussions with management.

Committee members discussed the recent gas outage and generally the public accepted the setback well. Anyone who suffered badly as a result should contact Mayor John Rohde, who is following up with complaints.

President Mark said he was keen on a tree planting programme which will include business houses or individuals planting a tree and maintaining it. More on this later.

The issue of the new laws regarding billboards outside business houses was discussed. Mark explained that the billboards can be placed on the outside of the footpath. Some members thought this could cause problems, especially with wet weather.

Council CEO told members that plans for the upgrade of Memorial Oval rested with finance from government bodies. Secretary asked to contact Member for Frome G. Brock to ascertain where State Government finance was at.

Several other topics were discussed, including the proposed bulk goods store, and the expansion of another business,  but these were in confidence.

The Chamber will next meet at 7 am at the John Pirie on May 29. Bertus DeVilliers will give an update on the Transformation Project at Nyrstar.