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June meeting – Chamber survey

At the June meeting of the executive it was decided to go ahead with a survey on the Chamber, the survey, instigated by Mark Sheasby of the RDA, is all about what the Chamber stands for and more importantly, what do members and non-members feel about the Chamber.

Mark will speak with business owners over the next few weeks armed with a series of questions. The interview will only take a few minutes of your time, but be ready to give your thoughts. The Chamber is keen to improve its image and be of much benefit to business, commerce and the community as possible.

The June meeting also discussed two important topics which affect the CBD.

  1. The ongoing issue of the poor state of the area known as “Prests Car Park.” Chamber has taken steps on this and has written to Council in an effort to have an upgrade undertaken at some stage in the near future.
  2. The by-law concerning the placement of A Frames, clothes racks etc on the far side of footpaths. Many shopkeepers feel this is unsatisfactory, as in some cases, due to inclement weather, goods can get damaged. Council will be asked to review the law.

Gail Bartel, representing Nyrstar, told the meeting that the Transformation Project was on target and was at about the half-way mark. She said activity will rev up over the next few months.

Member for Frome, Geoff Brock said the State Budget included about $11m. For the region, including $1.4m for the upgrade of air conditioning at the Northern Festival Centre.

Chamber’s next executive meeting is on June 24. If you have any issue you would like brought forward please email or speak with President Mark or Secretary Ken.

From The May Meeting

Nyrstar Transformation On Target

Nyrstar’s Bertus DeVilliers told executive members that the company’s Transformation Project was moving along according to plan and on budget.

Bertus said that there could be a small overrun when the project was complete, but nothing serious.

The plant was a very busy place at present and there were now visual signs of the $560m upgrade.

The company was also in the middle of changing the outlook of workers and this was also going along well.

Matt Ganley said that there were signs of more turnover in the real estate market, but reports from general retailers was that business was very slow.

The executive discussed at length at what the Chamber’s wants to achieve in the future. It was decided that more contact must be made with the general membership and Mark Sheasby of Regional Development, Yorke and Mid North will endeavour to speak with each member over the next month.

A sub committee will also meet on July 11 to discuss this issue and prepare a questionnaire for members. The sub committee comprises Mark Hanlon, Ken Jeffrey, Mark Cleasby, Matt, Ganley and RDA CEO Kelly-Anne Saffin. In the meantime, any member that has any suggestions for the Chamber can speak with President Mark, or secretary Ken or any member of the sub committee or executive.

Suggestions can also be emailed to

The Chamber is more than just the executive, so members have your say.

The executive will meet again on June 19.