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From The August Meeting – Chamber’s Plea

From The August Meeting

Chamber’s Plea

At the August meeting, President Mark voiced his concern at the number of out of town contractors being given work in Port Pirie and region. Mark said that with the high unemployment rate in the region it was important for locals to be given every opportunity to carry out work.

He also pointed out the importance of shopping locally. A recent survey indicated that if every person in Port Pirie was to spend an extra $100 locally, an extra $3million Would be generated into the economy.

As a result Chamber is embarking on a shop locally campaign, which will also include appealing to majot companies to give every chance to local contractors to carry out work.

The Chamber also has a site at this year’s Smelters Picnic, when it will point out to locals and prospective members what the Chamber is all about and what it hopes to achieve.

Chamber will also meet with Council to discuss the upgrade to the CBD and the placement of  billboards etc on footpaths.

An upgrade to the area known as Prests Car Park was also discussed, but this issue is very controversial as to who is responsible for its upkeep. Chamber believes this area to be important to trade in the CBD.

Prior to the meeting the Chamber President and Secretary attended several meetings and functions, including the Industry leaders Group meeting, Regional SA Road Show, a tour of the  Transformation Project, the launch of Andrew Male’s  book “Bullion” ( a history of the Smelter) and met with the executive of the SA Arts Trust Board.