Monthly Archives: January 2016


At the January meeting members again discussed the pros and cons of when to hold the Christmas Pageant. The secretary reported he had spoken with pageant chairperson Pan Menadue and as a result Chamber has been invited to attend the next pageant meeting. Chamber has not decided on what is the best time for the pageant, rather it will wait until there is further discussion with the committee.

President Mark had presented a list of ideas to the executive on what the Chamber should do in the future, including perhaps a name change. One suggestion from Mark is Business Southern Flinders. What are your thoughts? Let us know.

Should we have more functions, social get-togethers, and what about a dinner night for members and the general business community , please give it some thought.

The Chamber welcomed Stephen Pisani to the meeting. Stephen gave an outline of where the proposed talks are between the BH and golf clubs. Stephen said the two parties were close to signing an agreement which would allow more planning to continue. However, Stephen said there was a lot to do and the project would rely heavily on public support.

Gail Bartel representing Nyrstar, said all was going well with the Transformation Project and that more modules would shortly be arriving.

And remember if you have anything you would like to discuss with Chamber do not be afraid to call Mark or myself and if you would like to attend an exec meeting. Just let us know.