Monthly Archives: March 2016


The executive again had a long discussion on the Christmas pageant following Secretary Ken Jeffrey’s attendance at the pageant meeting.

Chamber again gave its support for the committee and what they had achieved. Chamber came up with a suggestion of a “Father Christmas” being available at a shop in the CBD after the pageant. This will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Geoff Brock, MP, said he had calculated that about $1b. Worth of projects were underway or planned for Port Pirie.

The chairman of the Entrances Committee, Darryl Johnson, gave the committee an update as to what was happening with the entrances. He showed the committee several designs. Members of the committee also came up with some suggestions and these will be taken on board b y Mr Johnson.

The executive committee will hold its next meeting on April 22. If any member would like to attend, please contact President Mark, or secretary, Ken.



Retailing is the transfer of goods from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer to the customer.


Good retailing is selling goods that don’t come back to customers who do.


This has been a debating point for many years. And research has shown that there are a variety of reasons why businesses advertise.


1. Attract new clients.

2. Remind existing clients

3. Prestige

4. Awareness

It has also been concluded that advertising alone does not sell. Advertising is about attracting customers (new and old) then it is up to the retail outlet and salespeople to do the rest.

The world’s best trainers also strongly point out that “The message makes the difference.” This means getting the message across in a positive way. How many adverts do we see which say, “Sale On Now” and little else. This is not a good message and does little to attract customers.

So the next time you speak with an ad rep, think about the message you want to get across. Then when you advertise make sure that the product you advertise IS ON DISPLAY.

From the February Meeting

The Chamber had a long discussion at the February meeting on the entrances to the city. Executive members were unanimous in the fact the entrances were a poor image for the city, particularly the signage. However, it was reported council has appointed a three man committee to look at upgrading the entrances. Chamber will invite committee chairman to attend the next meeting.

Again the subject od caravans by-passing the city was discussed. M. Phillipps, a guest and new member, said he had made space available behind the Federal Hotel, free of charge, and it was being well utilised.  President Mark praised this initiative.

Mark Sheasby presented the results of the survey, which will be circulated to all members.

It was also reported that very few members were aware of Chamber’s web site. Secretary will prepare a flyer to advise all members and non-members.

It was also mentioned that Chamber should utilise Facebook more. This will be followed up.

The Chamber’s next meeting is on March 18 at the John Pirie Motor. Anything you would like the executive to discuss? Or would you like  to be a guest? First person to respond will be welcome at the meeting.