Monthly Archives: August 2016


President Mark reported to meeting that he attended the Buslink Seminar. While the attendance was disappointing he felt there were some good discussion and ideas flowing from the event. President Mark and secretary Ken also attended the Pirie Awareness night at the Golf Club. This was an excellent night with positive guest speakers, including Minister Greg Hunt. A strong cross section of community and business leaders from across the Upper Spencer Gulf attended.

A discussion took place on the tendering process required for major projects. Stephen Richter told the meeting of the importance of complying with all aspects required   (businesses insurance covers etc). On the subject Kelly-Anne Saffin said help was available at the RDA to correctly fill out tender forms.

Helen Grace and  Mark Sheasby reported that 83 nominations have been received for the Business Awards. Winners will be announced at a dinner in the Port Clubrooms on September 7. Members are urged to attend.

It was reported to Chamber that tenders for the upgrade of the CBD would be discussed at the next council meeting. Mark said there were three objections to the upgrade at the golf club, but he thought they would not be a problem, however, funding was still to be negotiated.

Gail Bartel said one large module for the Transformation had arrived and a larger one was expected in September.


At our latest meeting, exec member Helen Grace told members she had received 61 nominations for this year’s business awards and that she expected several more from M. Sheasby. President Mark said he would also have a couple more. Members thought this was a good result.

The winners in the five categories will be announced at a dinner in the Port rooms on September 7. This will be an excellent night and members are urged to attend.

The meeting also discussed a “Think Tank” which was being arranged by Gail Bartel, to be held at the Yacht Club. The arrangements were greeted enthusiastically be the exec.

President Mark said it would be ideal to have member for Grey Rohan Ramsey attend a future meeting. This will be arranged at a date to be fixed.

A discussion was held re the lack of enthusiasm from young people to find permanent employment when leaving school. On this topic Stephen Richter said it was very expensive to train apprentices and that he found the “Gap Programme” far more satisfactory as it gave young people the chance to decide whether or not they liked the work they were doing.

Stephen asked Member for From Geoff Brock to introduce Education Minister, Susan Close, to President Mark, when she visits Port Pirie.

President mark and other members expressed their disappointment at the ANZ  Port Pirie as a high risk area, which resulted in potential borrowers needing 40% (business) and 30% (home borrowers) of the total to be borrowed.

Council CEO Dr A. Johnson reported to meeting that major projects were on track with the Boat Ramp upgrade likely to be finished at the end of August.

The future cities forum will be held at the Golf Club on August 16 and members were urged to attend.

Chambers next meeing is August 19.