Monthly Archives: October 2017


The executive discussed the new fees associated with taking recyclable materials to refuse station. As a result, a council officer will be invited to next meeting to answer queries.

Dwayne Malycha reported to the meeting that businesses were entitled to get LED lighting installed by AGL. However, more registrations were needed before they would come to the country.

The executive was told that the ‘Come See Change’ project was gaining momentum with adds on TV and radio. G. Bartel also reported that signage would be placed on the Viterra fence in near future.

The president reported that a lot of work was going into plans for the direct payment of membership fees for current and potential members. A package was being prepared on this. All should be ready by next meeting.

Any members who would like anything discussed at an executive meeting, please send it to

Next meeting is at John Pirie Motor Inn on November 3 at 7 am.