From the April Meeting

By | May 9, 2017

President Mark reported to the meeting that he had spoken with several business operators in the CBD affected by the upgrade. He said businesses were suffering and that on one day, a business reported to him takings for the day were just $1.85.
As a result of a discussion it was decided that Chamber would approach council, suggesting a rate deduction for the businesses affected. The deduction, if granted, would be effective for the term of the upgrade.
At the meeting the executive also received a detailed letter from council on the upgrade and that it was hoped most would be completed by the end of May.
Chamber also discussed the Cards4All (Loyalty Programme) and a letter from K. Seindanis suggested there was no strong marketing presence in the proposal.
Again the subject of membership and direct yearly payments were discussed. President and treasurer had had discussions on this with Bank SA. President to pursue.
The meeting had a discussion re the future of the Smelters Picnic in light of a bleak future for the BH Club. President reported that the Smelters Picnic committee was a stand alone operation with its own financial statements and it would be able to continue.
The Chamber will hold its next executive meeting on May 26 at the John Pirie Motor Inn.
Again if you have anything you would like to discuss or if you would like to attend a meeting contact