Support for “Change”

By | November 8, 2016

At the September meeting President Mark told members there had been several meetings over recent weeks re the “Come See Change” promotion and that there was a positive response from all parties. Council will back the project financially and other organisations, including Chamber, will be asked to contribute. Mark believes the project will be up and running by Christmas and it will give a new and positive outlook on Port Pirie.

The project includes new signings on the city entrances and billboards on Port Wakefield road.

The President also pointed out the good work being done behind the scenes by RDA Australia, Yorke and Mid North, pointing especially at what is happening with upgrades in Peterborough, which also has the support of Geoff Brock,MP.

The meeting again discussed the issue of caravans not coming into the city. President mentioned that perhaps local caravan proprietors could be asked to offer some concessions for short stays.

Geoff Brock told the meeting of how positive things were looking in Port Pirie and that there would be a further positive announcement in a week or two.